To buy from ballooninabox you need to create an account, it's fast and simple, just enter your details, you will receive an email confirming that you've successfully created your account. You can then start shopping.
Yes. To place a delivery order, simply find your balloons online, write a note and select “Pick the day for delivery link " a drop-down calendar will appear where you can choose a date from 72 hours till any date onwards. At this moment we can only deliver balloons on week days without extra costs.
Yes, please contact our team at Extra costs may be applied.
Delivery can be made to an exact location (physical address), as for exact time please contact our team at Extra costs may be applied.
Orders should be placed at least 72 hours (week days) before date of delivery.
At this moment we only deliver one balloon per box, you can choose 17” foil balloons, orbz and bubble balloons.
Balloon in a box offer some accessories and extras to make your arrangements truly one of a kind. Whether you need a fancy balloon weight to hold down helium-filled balloons or tails for extra flair.
Foil, orbz and bubble balloons can remain afloat for a week or more and can be delivered a few days in advance of your event.
Helium is included in the price of foil, orbz and bubble balloons. All balloons are delivered with ribbon, weight and gift card for your message.
Yes, balloon in a box refunds the expense of balloons that arrive empty or damaged.
No, you will need to purchase one balloon at a time even if the addresses are the same.
As the recipient opens the box the balloon will float out with the card where you wrote your note to make it float.
The box comes with the balloon you chose, ribbon, weight and the message you wrote topped with tissue paper.
We accept bank transfer, ATM payment, PayPal and credit cards.